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10 Tips for Selling Your Home to Overseas Buyers

Like many, Americans are purchasing overseas properties both for personal use and for investment purposes, there are also many overseas buyers looking to purchase US properties. However, selling your home to overseas buyers is not the same as selling it locally. The problem lies in locating the buyers who are looking to buy a property similar to yours and winning their confidence. Following are 10 tips that will help you to find overseas buyers for your home and sell it to them at a good price.

  1. Be prepared with all relevant information about your home. The overseas buyer may wish to find out about expected rental income from your home should the buyer wish to rent it out. The overseas buyer may want to know how easy it is to buy and sell property in this country. What are the relevant laws involving transfer of property to overseas buyers? What are the tax and inheritance implications? What is the buying procedure in your area? What price you are expecting and whether it is negotiable? Be prepared with all these facts. Try to reassure and inform and don’t try to oversell. The following site has some very good legal information related to selling your home to overseas buyers. (


  1. Many overseas real estate agents have their own websites and have clients looking to buy US homes. Make a search in Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines. Use the country’s name and the word ‘real estate agent’ and ‘real estate’ or any other relevant terms. Once you find the sites contact the owners through their contact links. Give them the details of your property.


  1. Advertise in your local classified ads site. Foreign buyers or their agents looking for homes to buy in your area are most likely to search these sites. Mention in your ad that foreign buyers are welcome. Look at other ads in the real estate sections in the classified sites and you will get the idea of how to format your ads for selling you home. Most of these sites allow you to post free ads.


  1. Sites like and have country specific portals as well US specific sections. You can also advertise in You will have free as well as paid options. The advantage of is that Google shows the ads in its keyword specific search results and they are indexed very fast and ranked well. The same also goes for craigslist ads.


  1. There are classified ad sites that are country specific. One such example is the site which caters to people living in England and it gets a large number of visitors from there daily. Search for country specific classified ad sites in your favorite search engines and post your ads there. You will also find ads by local real estate agents from that country and you can contact them for selling your home.


  1. You can advertise in your local newspapers or the international editions of the national news papers. Many local and national newspapers also have their own websites with classified ad sections. Many of them are free to post your homes for sale ad.


  1. You can also create your own website. The advantage of having your own website is that you can post the pictures of your home and post your details there. You can also direct traffic from your classified ad post to this site. Make your classified ad a teaser that will raise the overseas home buyers’ curiosity and lead them to click the link to your website. Make the domain name relevant to your offer. Domain names cost about $10 per year and hosting costs another $10 per month. There are sites like,,, that allow you to create a free webpage even without having any programming knowledge.


  1. Pay per click advertising is another very good option to get overseas buyers for your home. These are the sponsored ads that are displayed in the search results page when you type in a search term in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. They are both keyword targeted as well as geo targeted. That means you have to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Geo targeting means that you can specify the country or region and the ads will be shown only to people making keyword searches from there. For example if you are targeting the keyword ‘California homes’ for Italian and Spanish searches your ad will be shown only when someone searches for ‘California homes’ from Italy or Spain.


  1. There are many glossy magazines catering to real estate and home design and improvement markets. You have the option of advertising in popular magazines that are circulated internationally or in magazines that cater to specific countries. If your home has added attractions like a boat dock, on the shore front, golfing, fishing, skiing, etc. you can also advertise in the relevant magazines that cater to the specific sport or hobby.


  1. Overseas buyers will be cautious and wary of malpractice. It is your job to dispel their doubts by showing empathy. The information you post on your website or you provide in your reply email should show that you are being most helpful and are not hiding any facts. Offer to clear any doubts they may have. Put yourself in the overseas buyer’s shoes and think and act accordingly.