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Aleksandr Vasser – Risks of Competition in Real Estate

Real Estate is a competitive business, not only for the Real Estate agents, but also for the clients that we serve. Buyers often find themselves in competition with other buyers. Listings are in competition with each other to attract buyers. So it is not uncommon to fall in love with a home and find that you are in competition with one, or more, offers. This is a guest post by the other Avky Inc co-founder, Aleksandr Vasser. Aleksandr Vasser lives in booming Phoenix, Arizona.

There are obviously risks when competing for a home in this situation. As a buyer it is useful to understand what you are getting yourself into. Here is a likely scenario.

Scenario 1 Agent Lee shows Mr. and Mrs. Smith a listing at 123 Anystreet. They immediately fall in love with the property and decide they want to put in an offer on the property.

Agent Lee draws up the offer with Mr. and Mrs. Smith back at his office. While drawing up the offer he receives a call from listing Agent Guy. Agent Guy informs him that two offers have already come in and the offers will be presented that evening.

Agent Lee informs Mr. and Mrs. Smith that in order to realistically win the competition that the should improve there offer by removing all of there conditions and increasing there offer price.

Competition in this instance eliminates negotiations. The offer with the fewest conditions and the best offer price is going to win this competition. How much risk are you willing to assume in this situation?

As a buyer you need to consider that you may be accepting certain negative features of the home. Once the offer has been made you have obligated yourself to follow through on it. Offers with no clauses or warranties leave the potential buyer unprotected.

If you have an unconditional offer on a property and your financing does not match what you need to purchase the home then you have a legal issue on your hands. You have signed a binding legal document that states you will purchase the home, whether you have the funds or not.

As a buyer you need to consider the risks and weigh that against your desire for the home. Do the potential risks outweigh your immediate desire? If so then you may wish to reconsider competing for the property. Often your desire will win over the inherent risks involved.

Aleksandr Vasser can be reached for questions on Twitter at @aleksandrvass1.