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Bucolic, Rural, Rustic and Pastoral: What Do These Words Have in Common with Rural Real Estate?

Rural real estate is generally thought of as a place in the country and may be considered a prize to anyone wanting to escape the grind of overcrowding big city life. It can be pictured as an estate of one house surrounded by miles of acreage or a house sitting in a farm community.

A farm community is usually made up of individuals or families who make a living in agriculture. A farmer in agriculture may grow food crops such as corn, wheat, potatoes and peanuts etc. or they may raise animals like cattle, sheep and goats etc. or a combination of food crops and animals. But rural real estate may also be thought of as the good life and getting back to days of a simple carefree life.


Visions of the simple happy good time life hit on the meaning of the word pastoral. Pastoral is the perception of life as it exists in the country. It can be captured in pictures as the tractor plowing the field, the cool trickling creek, and the water well behind the house, the horse eating hay, the silo of grain, grandpa or grandma in a wooden rocking chair on the porch. All of these are examples of pastoral, which could be described as a scenic, quaint, serene view of country life as the onlooker beholds it.


While pastoral is a representation of the way country life looks the word rustic goes beyond the view to the physical side. It shapes itself into items used in country life. In this way country living turns into a wooden rocking chair, horseshoe, pipe, tobacco, tractor, barn, hay, water well, tank, truck, trailer and so forth.


What would country life need to paint the images and need for physical items? It needs the bucolic to bridge the tie. A bucolic isn’t necessarily the hillbilly or cowboy/cowgirl but it is what they do. They may be depicted as tough, rough, rowdy, loud, lewd, rugged, spirited, fighting, feuding gun-toting individuals. The action of the individuals defines bucolic.


Rural ties pastoral, rustic and bucolic together because without it there would be no country life. Rural is country. While there may be different perspectives to life in the country from life on a single farm to agriculture farming communities it still seems to point to a less complex life.


Rural real estate then would apply to real estate in the country. So to tie the words together and to help you remember what they mean think of them this way.


Bucolic is a country bumpkin from the rural farm community with their rustic wooden rocking chair sitting on the porch and city folk’ pastoral image of their life.