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Kyle Uchitel: Give The Pet-Free Home Illusion For A Quick Sell

Preparing one’s home for listing and sale can present the owner with an intimidating number of tasks to complete before opening the doors to prospective buyers. A home that has pets living inside comes with its own set of potential problems or concerns. The following is a guest post to 3333 Main by Phoenix-area entrepreneur Kyle Uchitel. Kyle Uchitel is a co-founder of Avky Inc.

Kyle Uchitel: “Pets Should Be Neither Seen Nor Heard”

Whether you are preparing for an open house, real estate agent’s tour, or a simple showing of your house to potential buyers, it is important to remove all hints that your pets live in the house. A threatening dog that barks loudly at the door can make visitors, including buyers with young children, feel unwelcome. Indeed, if it is at all possible, the best option is to remove the pet from the home, at least for the duration of the viewing. If, as home owners, you have already gained possession of your next home, it is a good idea to move Fluffy or Spot into the new home as soon as possible.

Removing pets from the home while real estate sales professionals and strangers are coming and going from your home is also in their best interest. Visitors who are not adjusted to having pets in the home may accidentally let a scared kitty out of doors, unaware she is an indoor cat. Consider asking a family member or friend to cat- or dog-sit off-site for an afternoon if you know of an upcoming viewing appointment. Kennels will also accept your pet for an afternoon or weekend.

Pet Odors

Whether we like to believe it or not, our beloved pets do leave behind an odor. Although the odor isn’t always entirely unpleasant, the sight and smell of a cat’s litter box might leave a negative impression on a buyer. No one likes to enter a house and be confronted with the smell of a wet dog. Try to be objective when deciding whether your home needs to be aired out, states Kyle Uchitel.

Allergy Concerns

These days more and more adults and children are finding themselves susceptible to allergies. This includes allergies to pet dander and hair. Even the cleanest house can contain pet hair that could cause an allergic reaction in a visitor. This is an obstacle that a prospective buyer may not be willing to take on.

Out, Darn Spot!

All carpets should be steam cleaned to remove any stains made as a result of “accidents”. A stand-alone steam-cleaner can be rented for a nominal fee if your budget is a concern. Alternatively, if time is of the essence, a professional steam cleaning service can be hired for a reasonable price. This depends on the number of rooms and hallways that will need to be cleaned. Baseboards and trim should also be vacuumed to remove all pet hair and dander from the floors.

Clutter, Clutter Everywhere

Remove pet beds, toys and dishes from the floor. This eliminates clutter caused by the daily presence of your furry companions, says Kyle Uchitel of Avky Inc.

Don’t Forget The Lawn!

In the yard, also, unsightly patches of burned grass caused by your dog lifting his leg should be addressed. Watering out the spots immediately after your dog does his business will help to prevent scorching. Obviously, all droppings should be eliminated from the yard before showing it to a potential buyer.

Disguising your home as pet-free while showing might seem like an incredible imposition, but it just might be the factor that closes the deal for your sale. A pet-free home is clean, free of odors and less cluttered, all factors that will help your home sell quickly!

Kyle Uchitel can be reached via Twitter at @kyleuchitel.