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Six Steps to Prepare a Home for Spring Sale

Spring and summer are when most families relocate. It makes sense actually. Children are out of school, making summer time the best time for many folks to relocate, and these potential buyers start home shopping in the spring. Sellers that take a little extra time and preparation make their home stand out above the rest. Here are the six things you need to do before you put that “For Sale” sign out front.


Hire an independent inspector. This is part of the sale process, and is typically something the buyer would do. Getting this out of the way upfront can make your transaction go more smoothly and facilitate negotiations. Once the inspector finishes evaluating your home, he will provide you with a list of items requiring repair.



Hire licensed and bonded contractors to complete the work cited in the inspection report. Keep receipts of repairs and warranties for work to show the buyer that professionals addressed all items in the inspection. This virtually eliminates the buyer’s insistence on delaying closings due to inspections or repairs. It also is psychologically appealing to the buyer; as the seller, you have nothing to hide. This can help set your home apart from the competition.



Freshen up interior walls with light colored paint. Be certain to paint over nicks in baseboards, trim and door casings.



Clean, bright and well-lit homes sell much faster than dark, dingy and dirty residences. It’s time to move the furniture, dust the blinds and do all of the “spring cleaning” on your list before placing the house up for sale. It’s smart to hire a housekeeper or maid to help keep your house spotless before showings and giving it a through cleaning once per week.



Remove clutter from closets and in rooms. Replace bulky furniture with smaller pieces displaying clean lines. This makes a room seem larger and roomier, making it more welcoming and attractive to potential buyers.



After concentrating on the interior of a home, it’s time to go outside. Pressure wash the outside of the home and the driveway. Clear debris from any flowerbeds and add new mulch and flowers to existing landscaping. This increases curb appeal and helps create a positive first impression of your home.


Of course, not all the preparing in the world will help if you don’t hire the right representation. Use a Realtor. Find the right Realtor for you by speaking to friends and family to obtain referrals or check with the local real estate commission for suggestions in your area. Interview at least three candidates and then make your selection.