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Top 3 Heidi Klum Beauty Collection Must-Haves

Heidi Klum is much more than just a gorgeous supermodel who has done a lot of merit. She is an entrepreneur that knows what women want and need, especially when it comes to make-up. To create great products, Heidi newly teamed up with make-up artist Linda Hay. I recently discovered her surprising collection when shopping at Victoria’s Secret. Not only was I intrigued, I was very impressed and because I was so impressed, I have decided to narrow down the variety of Heidi Klum products to only my top 3 must-haves.

  1. Perfect Lipstick. This lipstick is ultimately amazing. Not only does this amazing lipstick product produce a color pay-off that is simply fantastic, it also provides your lips with long-lasting coverage, making it a Heidi Klum collection must-have. It is also rather rich, yet so incredibly natural. I love this lipstick also because it hydrates and conditions, making it sublimely moisturizing, as a result. If you are looking for a wonderful lipstick that is not only affordable, but lives up to it’s promise, I truly recommend purchasing the Perfect Lipstick.
  1. Glitter Liquid Liner. The holidays are approaching and out of the numerous liquid lining products I have had the chance to come across, this one truly does cater to the holiday season. I absolutely love this liquid liner. Possessing an emerald green texture with a gold glitter shimmer, this is a true Heidi Klum collection must-have. Not only is the application extremely easy, the product is long-lasting producing a great color pay-off. If you are looking for a quality liquid liner that won’t burn a hole in your wallet, this is your product. Whether as a stocking stuffer or a just cause gift, anyone who receives this glitter liquid liner is going to love it.

..and the #1 Heidi Klum collection must-have is…

*drum roll*

  1. Silky Eye Shadow Quad. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to eye shadows, I am rather picky. I do not like eye shadows that fade, let alone crease or smudge. I do not like eye shadows that are not pigmented and product absolutely no color-payoff. I also do not like eye shadows that produce a lot of fall-out. It’s hard to find a great eye shadow product, but I must say that this amazing addendum to the Heidi Klum collection is outstanding, making it the best Heidi Klum collection must-have. Not only are the colors smudge and crease free, they are long-lasting. They are also vastly pigmented and deliver an astonishing color pay-off. The fall-out is also minimal, making this eye shadow quad something to not only value, but appreciate much more so. The colors are flexible and work with an assortment of skin tones and types. I also love the fact that this quad allows you to create up to over 50 different eye looks. I definitely love this and you will too.